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Increasing both your own and your team’s productivity in the workplace will have a positive impact on the success of your overall business, writes Liz McKeon

Productivity at work is one of the top concerns of salon owners. No matter how long you have been in business, you’d probably like to increase your efficiency and, therefore, your team’s output. Below are some simple, easy-to-implement strategies to take back your time, and remind your business who is boss.

1 Work your daily to-do list

Place an up arrow next to tasks that require more energy and focus, and a down arrow beside the tasks that are more mindless. If you are sharper in the morning, that’s when you attend to the tasks that have the up arrow next to them. If you stick to your allocated times, you can easily pinpoint quick items to slot into new10-15-minute time slots.

2 Learn to prioritise and know what to tackle first

One simple time management tool for prioritising is known as the ‘urgent important matrix’. Tasks fall into one of four categories: urgent and important; not urgent, but important; not important, but urgent; and not urgent and not important. Aim to work on the ‘not urgent, but important’ tasks as much as possible.

3 Turn off notifications!

You don’t have control over who’s reaching out to you, but you do have control over how and when you see it. If technology distractions are holding you back from peak productivity, then give yourself some focused, head-down time by turning off your notifications, even for a couple of hours.

4 Know yourself

Some people arrive to the salon full of energy, some need a strong coffee before their brains are fully alert, and others are at their best late at night. Note when you are most alert and schedule the most difficult tasks for those times.

5 Learn to delegate

You have a long list of responsibilities, but you don’t have to do it all. If tasks start to pile up, decide which ones must be done by you, and delegate those that can be passed to someone else.

6 Do not disturb

Put this sign on your door if necessary. We live in a distraction-filled world and this can kill productivity. If it’s impossible to focus within your office space, then take time out elsewhere.

7 Stop trying to multi-task

Scientific research has shown that multi-tasking is actually switching rapidly between tasks, and that it costs us time and energy each time we switch. Tackle your to-do list one item at a time, and don’t move on until an item is completed.

8 Take breaks

Sudies show that taking breaks can increase productivity. Breaks are good for your physical and mental health and can help re-energise you for the task at hand.

9 Have fewer meetings

Having too many meetings can steal time from salon productivity. Avoid unnecessary ones, always have an agenda, don’t go off topic and always get an outcome.

Staff productivity

Meanwhile, there are also ways to increase your team’s productivity.

1 Set realistic goals and targets

Everyone in your business needs goals that are understandable, attainable, clear, enjoyable and measurable. Make sure every team member knows precisely what is being asked of them.

2 Establish key performance indicators (KPIs)

This can be done in the form of rebookings, retail sales and services. During the day, it is a good idea to regularly keep check of your KPIs and keep track of progress, so you can catch issues and make corrections quickly. Always celebrate successes when your KPIs tell you the team has achieved a goal.

3 Create a healthy work environment

A positive work environment contributes to productivity in multiple ways, all of which contribute to increasing it. When salon team members are happy, they are more likely to think creatively, leading to very satisfied clients.

As a salon owner, there are always going to be lots of demands on your time and energy. You want to be more efficient and effective, but you probably don’t have spare time to master new work approaches, or software platforms that promise to save you time. Increasing your productivity will automatically help you to feel more in control of your working day, and these simple strategies will help you prioritise and focus on the right tasks, without requiring a huge investment in time. Give them a try. 

Liz McKeon is an author, business coach, trainer and mentor, specialising in the hair, beauty and spa sector. For further information visit or call +353 86 386 1243.

This article appears in the MAY 2023 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland

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This article appears in the MAY 2023 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland