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Sustainable SWITCHES

It's never been more important to implement sustainable practices in business; from Government advice, to industry and brand initiatives, here are a number of ways you can make that sustainable shift in your hair salon

1 Government guidance

The Irish Government's Climate Toolkit 4 Business website is designed to help SMEs begin their sustainability journey by inputting some simple information to get an estimate of their carbon footprint, along with a personalised action plan to reduce it. Offering business owners practical ways to start taking action, each tailored plan includes straightforward instructions, and highlights the relevant support that is available through agencies such as Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

Toolkit 4 Business

2 Eco balayage

You can now support a more sustainable industry through daily practices in the salon with the new Revlon Professional Conscious Balayage technique. The technique sees the colour or pre-lightener placed strategically on the hair to create the typical balayage dimension, without using foils. As well as this, it promises less water usage and waste, offering a more sustainable service.

Revlon Professional

3 Cleaner formulas

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability and its actions to reduce carbon emissions and ecological footprint, ALFAPARF Milano Professional recently announced that its Semi di Lino range will now feature changes to its formulas. Beginning with the Semi di Lino Reconstruction line, the vegan formulations are free from ingredients of animal origin and derivation, while the biodegradable formulas mean the shampoos and masks decompose into simpler substances, with less impact on the environment.

ALFAPARF Milano Professional

4 Nearing net zero

A partnership between L’Oréal Professional Products and climate action platform Net Zero Now, the Net Zero Salons Programme aims to enable hair salons across Ireland and the UK to embark on the journey to 'net zero'. Net zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, with any remaining emissions re-absorbed from the atmosphere, by oceans and forests, for instance. Launched earlier this year, the Net Zero Salons Programme guides salons through the process of calculating, tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through tailored carbon reduction plans, with the ultimate ambition of certifying as a 'Net Zero Salon'. It is based on a salon-specific roadmap and tool for measuring, tracking, reporting and reducing emissions.

L’Oréal Professional Products

5 Refill and recycle

Food shops with refill bars have become more commonplace in recent years, and the hair industry is now embracing the practice. Authentic Beauty Concept introduced Refill Bars in 2020, and the refill bottles – which clients can buy – are made from 90% postconsumer recyclable (PCR) plastics and reused at least five times, generating a saving of 83% less plastic. The Refill Bars use five-litre bottles – made from 50% PCR – as the main container.

Authentic BeautyConcept

6 Bin it better

Founded in 2020 by environmental experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners, Green Salon Collective is an Ireland and UK initiative that facilitates salon sustainability by recycling the unrecyclable, such as hair, used foil and colour tubes, chemicals, plastics, and PPE. Its goal is to be able to collect as close to 100% of all salon waste as physically possible, and to then find new uses for it that reward the salon, the environment and the community. Holding regular events that are aimed at educating both existing members and those interested in finding out more about its work, the organisation's information pack includes a free copy of The Green Bible – a40-page guide to support you on your journey to becoming sustainable.

Green Salon Collective

7 Measure your colour

It can be difficult to recycle hair colour or dispose of it, with unused colour being associated with both a financial and environmental cost. Vish is an intuitive three-part system that allows you to mix only the colour that you need, rather than a set amount, regardless of hair type or length. It not only measures colour accurately, but also uses data and analytics to set accurate prices, reduce inventory costs and eliminate colour waste. “More than six million kilograms of colour are wasted by stylists each year,” says Tim Howard, chief innovation officer at Vish. “Cut that and you don’t just protect the planet, you are also protecting your profits as that colour has been paid for by you.”


8 Courses that care

The educational arm of Leaf Scissors is Shift Academy, a digital hairdressing platform that has care and sustainability at the heart of its mission. Leaf Scissors are designed and handmade for eco-conscious hairdressers, and the brand plants at least 10 trees for every scissor sold, with a goal to plant one million trees by 2025. Shift Academy offers courses that are about sustainability and personal growth, as well as hair education, and for every subscription that is bought, 10 trees are planted.

Leaf Scissors

9 Packing a punch

Kemon recently launched new Developer Pouch Bags that use 75% less plastic for its Nayo, Unicolor and Yogreen Color System hair colour ranges. Promising no product waste and less carbon emmissions, this new packaging solution is a cost-effective, convenient and more sustainable option.


10 Sea change

Moroccanoil's partnership with Oceana allows the international advocacy organisation focused on ocean conservation to advance its science-based, policy campaigns, which will help protect and restore our oceans to their former levels of abundance. In addition to ongoing donations, Moroccanoil also works with Oceana to raise awareness and support its mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Meanwhile, Moroccanoil continues to rethink the brand’s packaging, products and operations as it transitions to the use of 50% PCR plastic in the bottles for all shampoos and conditioners. In 2022, it joined Peta’s Beauty Without Bunnies Programme, certifying that it never tests its products on animals.


This article appears in the June 2023 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland

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This article appears in the June 2023 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland