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With scissors being the lifeblood of every hair stylist, here's a selection of some of the best on the market to suit a variety of budgets


Handmade from stainless steel with black Teflon coating, these 5.5” scissors feature an offset handle for a comfortable working position and a convex cutting edge for professional cutting. They come with a black scissor wallet, a removable finger rest and finger rings.

Trade: €33.70 capitalhairandbeauty.ie


This model promises quality and reliability at an affordable price. Featuring razor-sharp precision cutting blades suited for stylists of all abilities, there's an extra-wide tail and fixed finger rest to give your hand extra support, along with an ergonomic handle design.

Trade: €68.92 dowa-international.com


These cutting scissors from the DH Collection are a middle-price good-quality option for hair professionals. Made out of Japanese-forged stainless steel, they are ergonomically-designed, durable, and feature offset grip, narrow blade, lightweight tension screw and permanent finger rest.

Trade: €63 gainfort.com


Handcrafted with Japanese steel, the Olivia Garden Dragon model features powerful convex blades with unparalleled sharpness for effortless and precision cutting. The permanent finger rest has an arc shape to relieve elbow strain, while the easy-to-adjust precision dial moderates tension control. The scissors also include a silicone silencer.

RRP: €119 styleparlor.ie


With an ergonomic design, the Pure Steel model from Leaf Scissors has a classic steel finish. These scissors are long-lasting, durable and promise to fit your hand perfectly. Leaf plants 10 trees for every pair sold, and has planted over 100,000 trees so far. RRP: €17.95 per month (on 12-month subscription plan) leafscissors.com


The Fromm Invent Shear Gunmetal scissors promise to deliver a precise cut with their semi-convex blade and edge. Available in 5.75" and 6.25" size options, the model is a hybrid of the convex and bevelled-edge shears, with semi-convex ones known to be sharper and very durable. The offset handle is designed for the most natural and ergonomic hand and elbow position.

RRP: from €68 flair.ie


Designed for comfortable and effortless cutting, the offset handles on the Osaka Super Ergo flow into the smooth curves of a fixed finger rest and a middle finger support on the top handle, enabling you to cut with a lower, less strenuous arm position. Available in a range of size options, including 5", 5.5",6", 6.5" and 7", the super sharp convex blades are made from Japanese stainless steel, and are wider at the heel, putting extra weight where you need it.

Trade: €126.47 dowa-international.com


The Precision 5.5” from Kulture74 has a sharp convex blade for more precise cutting. Lightweight and ergonomically shaped for comfort cutting over longer periods, the scissors also feature a finger rest for increased control when cutting, with an adjustable screw to alter the tension. They are ideal for advanced cutting techniques, such as slicing and point cutting, with two clear finger rings enclosed.

Trade: €45 xpertprofessional.ie


The FX Pro is handcrafted in Japan and features a three-dimensional style handle to give a more comfortable cutting position. It also utilises a combination of a sword blade, delivering power to the tip of the blade, and a flat back blade. Available in 5.0”, 5.5” and 6.0” size options, the dry bearing screw system provides a light and smooth cutting action.

Trade: €392.64 joewell.co.uk


The new Kamisori Diablo II Shear Set includes a cutting scissors and texturiser. With engraved handles, Kamisori convex edges and Kamisori tension dial for lifetime use, the scissors are available in 5", 5.5" and 6.0", with the texturiser available in 6.0". The Kamisori Diablo II is now equipped with Takefu cobalt steel.

RRP: €358 quinnhairbeauty.com

This article appears in the July/August 2023 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland

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This article appears in the July/August 2023 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland