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Many clients will think of extensions as a way to add length to their hair, but they can also provide a wealth of other solutions



For clients who are lacking hair volume, extensions can help them reach their desired hair height. Adding volume with hair extensions also allows for more styling options.

“If you want to add volume to a client’s hair, extensions are the ideal solution,” says Aoife Revins, Hairtalk Extensions educator and stylist in Kopper Hair Salon in Cork. “Every client will have a unique extension placement based on their lifestyle, hair density and texture, among other things. In my experience, tape-in extensions are a fantastic way to add volume, while using the least amount of extensions.”

“I find the tape-in extensions add more volume than the pre-bonded extensions,” agrees Linda Thornton, Great Lengths master and owner of Lynda T Hairdressing in Co Wicklow. “I place the tapes around the sides and towards the front of the head to create maximum volume. I usually place them in a brickwork pattern and add some layers for movement, volume, ease of styling and hold.”

“Only place hair extensions in areas where clients need extra volume,” advises Simon Stainton, head of Zen Hair training programmes. “I would recommend clip-in extensions for those who want more freedom.”

In order to get the most out of their investment, it’s important for clients to follow the recommended maintenance and product guidance. According to Stainton, shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulphate, paragon and sodium chlorate are ideal. “They cleanse and condition the hair without causing damage or weakening the bond between the extensions and natural hair,” he says.

“I recommend a heat protector for styling and to add shine,” says Thornton. “And I tell clients to tie their hair in a loose ponytail when going to bed as this will prevent the extensions from matting or getting tangled.”



Hair extensions can also be the perfect solution for clients who like to switch up their style or those who may not have the hair density and thickness required for a desired look, such as a fringe. “Tape hair extensions can easily be added to create bang styles and shaggy fringes, and can even thicken fuller fringes,” says Michael Binder, Showpony educator and creative director of Michael Franks Salon, Liverpool, UK. “Showpony skin wefts or slimline tape extensions, along with single-sided tapes, can subtly enhance and create these styles – we are able to choose to work with a single or paired application so that it matches perfectly with the client’s hair density.”

“The best extensions for adding a fringe are pre-bonded extensions,” says Thornton. “You can customise the bonds to match the hair density you are working on, and the bonds are so discreet they are perfect for adding a fringe or curtain bangs. I've had lots of requests for curtain bangs from clients who couldn't achieve the volume they wanted with their own hair, so I've added mini-bonds into their fringe to create more volume and hold.”

“A fringe is a fantastic way for a client to update their look – either a clip-in piece or one of our ‘top of the head’ pieces can be used for this.” says Revins. By using a piece that can be taken off and put back on at home, clients are given the freedom to switch it up whenever they choose. For the most natural look, matching the colour of all the extensions is crucial. To achieve the desired look, try placing your client in natural light and experimenting with different colours.”

‘Extensions are a terrific way to increase the confidence of a client who is experiencing thinning hair or hair loss’



With an increasing number of women experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, extensions are ideal for helping with this issue.

“Strategically placing hair extensions to conceal areas of thinning and hair loss can provide additional coverage and create the illusion of a full head of hair and, in turn, boost self-esteem,” says Nick Allen of Rapture Hair Extensions, which are trichology-approved. “We have a system that can spread the weight and minimise the stress and tension on the client’s hair and scalp, but it is imperative that a full consultation is carried out on every client to ensure they are a suitable candidate for hair extensions.”

“Extensions are a terrific way to increase the confidence of a client who is experiencing thinning hair or hair loss,” says Revins. “Since tape extensions are fixed every six to eight weeks, you can ensure that the hair is maintained in its best form. By using extensions, natural hair is spared from being overly styled.”

“Hair extensions are great for helping with thinning hair,” says Thornton. “They can be added for volume or to fill in gaps where hair has been lost or is thinning. A lot of my clients opt for side fillers as they have lost hair after childbirth. I use tape-in extensions to give maximum coverage around the sides, without damaging the natural hair. If I am covering a smaller area, I use miniature bonds – they are lighter in weight so there will be less tension on the natural hair while it is recovering. I have had clients who have become emotional when they see the results after applying hair extensions. It is very rewarding to give clients results like this and help to give them back their confidence.”



Hair extensions are the perfect way for clients to play around with colour, without committing to a particular shade. “A large portion of my salon work is creating hair colours that just wouldn’t be possible with salon colour without damaging the natural hair,” says Lawrence Taylor, global head of education at Racoon International. “Racoon has four methods of professional application that all work for switching up hair colour. You can also colour Racoon extensions with up to 6% developer without damaging the natural colour.”

“With rapid changes in styles and trends, clients continually strive to switch up their hair colour and style, but overprocessing can have a negative impact on its condition,” notes Revins. “With extensions, you can give them what they want without any damage. I enjoy using extensions in the salon to do balayage. With Hairtalk Colormelts, you can achieve a flawless blend for the client.”

‘One of the things I absolutely love about hair extensions is that you can change the client’s hair colour without colouring their natural hair’

“One of the things I absolutely love about hair extensions is that you can change the client’s hair colour without colouring their natural hair,” says Thornton. “I've used extensions to achieve nice creamy blondes that I wasn't able to achieve by colouring or bleaching without overprocessing the hair. I was able to achieve the perfect cool ‘bronde’ tones on my brunette clients. When you use extensions, the colour doesn’t fade. Great Lengths has some amazing pastel shades that are really hard to achieve on clients with darker hair – they add a lovely pop of colour, without the commitment.”

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This article appears in the MARCH/APRIL 2024 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland