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With intimate waxing, it’s important to create a safe environment to ensure your clients are comfortable both before and during the treatment

Having an intimate wax can be a vulnerable experience for many clients, particularly if it is their first time having this type of treatment. “First-time clients are naturally nervous, whether it’s their very first intimate wax, or just their first wax at your salon,” says Gillian Redmond, owner of The Zen Room, a waxing salon in Co Wexford. “I always do my consultations and patch tests prior to the client’s appointment day, as this gives first-timers a chance to meet you face-to-face and get a feel for you as a therapist. I also email them my consultation form in advance to complete online. This gives me a chance to research any potential contraindications before the clients arrive for the patch test.”

“Every client feels a little embarrassed when having an intimate wax, so it’s important to acknowledge their feelings and let them know they are in safe hands,” says Joanne Eksteen, owner of Bella Mia Skincare & Beauty in Mullingar, Co Westmeath. “I always inform my clients that the treatment room is a judgment-free zone, and that they will feel amazing when it is done.”

“Once they arrive for the patch test, we chat about previous waxing experiences so I can address any issues they may have had,” explains Redmond. “I then take them through the different intimate waxing styles, explaining what's involved in each one. I also explain the aftercare required of them and ask if they have any questions for me. When the client arrives for their waxing appointment, they feel calm because they know what to expect, which helps them to feel more comfortable and at ease.”

Intimate waxing styles include the Californian, also known as the extended bikini wax, which removes the hair on the bikini line and inner thigh; the Brazilian, which removes hair from the top and sides of the bikini line, leaving a strip; and the Hollywood, which removes all the hair.

“Explaining the differences in the various intimate waxing styles is a must, so that clients understand what they are getting done,” says Joanne Quinn Geoghegan, owner of Beautorium, which is a beauty and skin clinic, and training academy in Waterford. “You can do this during the consultation, and advise them that it is alright as well if they need brief breaks during the treatment. I have often had clients who came in to get their first Hollywood wax, only to backtrack halfway through the treatment. This is why when I do a Hollywood wax now, I now start with a Californian, then I ask the client if they are comfortable for me to keep going to do a Brazilian wax, before finishing with a Hollywood if that is what the client wants. This not only gives them more reassurance and control, it also stops them leaving the salon with only one side of a bikini wax done.”

Baring all

Clients may also feel self-conscious about having to undress for the treatment. “All intimate waxes are performed with the client’s underwear removed, as this ensures that a clean and professional wax is completed,” explains Redmond. “The idea is to get every last hair, so baring all is necessary for a good intimate wax. Leaving a client to change in private is important, as it gives them time to fix themselves and use wipes to freshen up. Having a fresh towel available to protect their modesty when they get on the salon bed also helps.”

“I always give my clients a disposable tanga to put on, but this is more for their perception of modesty, as it is normally pushed to the side during treatment. Once clients become familiar with waxing, they often prefer the efficiency of going completely bare, as this streamlines the process for both them and the therapist. It eliminates the need for time-consuming adjustments with towels and underwear, making the entire experience smoother. Every client is unique, so it is important to tailor the treatment to their comfort levels and specific needs.”

‘I always do my consultations and patch tests prior to the client’s appointment day, as this gives first-timers a chance to meet you face-to-face and get a feel for you as a therapist’

“Background music can be a good distraction for clients during an intimate wax,” says Eksteen. “I make a point of only looking at the intimate area when I need to, and I check throughout the treatment that the pace I am working at is comfortable for them. Client comfort, both physically and mentally, is very important. You can show an interest in them by chatting and asking questions, but remember too that some clients prefer a silent treatment, and that's OK as well.”

Best position

So what is the best position for clients having an intimate wax? “I have come across various techniques over the years and it is very much specific to the client,” says Quinn Geoghegan. “There are many factors to consider. Body type and hair type are all relevant. 

You also need to find out how flexible they are and how apprehensive they might be. On some clients, a Hollywood wax can be done with them lying on their back. Others may have to lie on their sides or even face down on all fours.”

“It is important to find a position that works for both you and your client,” says Eksteen. “Always keep in mind that not every client is flexible. If they have a tummy, it can be difficult to get into certain positions, or hold a pose for a long period of time. I find knees to chest or having your client on their side works really well for ladies of all sizes.”

“I have found that the butterfly position is the best one,” says Redmond. “This is where the client is lying flat on their back with both legs bent out to the side, and soles of their feet touching. This ensures clear access for applying the wax, and also ensures the client's skin is taut for good removal. However, there are occasions when there may be a need to adjust positioning. For example, a pregnant client in her last trimester may not be able to tuck her knees to chest for the bum area to be waxed, so you can position her on her side with her knees bent up towards her belly.”


Like other treatments, intimate waxing requires the highest standards of hygiene. “Fresh gloves should be worn for each client,” stresses Redmond. “There should be absolutely no doubledipping the wax stick back into the pot once it has touched the client’s skin – this ensures the wax itself is 100% clean at all times.”

“Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness not only ensures the client’s comfort and safety, but also contributes to the overall professionalism of the service you are offering,” says Quinn Geoghegan.”

This article appears in the MARCH/APRIL 2024 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland

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This article appears in the MARCH/APRIL 2024 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland