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From global names to Irish-owned start-ups discover the brands to boost your business at this year's Professional Beauty & Hair


Visit the Carelika Ireland stand to learn more about this skincare range. Formulated with innovative ingredients, the line features nourishing and healing skincare rituals for every age group.With an expanding line for retail and professional treatments, Carelika offers value, marketing support, POS assistance and a diverse product range suitable for all businesses and clients.


Kohana Professional is an an Irish-owned brand of professional nail, eyelash and eyebrow products. It was founded by Irish nail champion and multi-award winner Kate Kruszynska, who opened her first nail bar in 2010. Kohana currently offers over 300 gel polish colours, a nail extension system, professional manicure and pedicure tools, cosmetics, and lash and brow lamination solutions and accessories.


Stop by the Weyergans stand to find out about the company's wide range of devices and products, including the Slide Styler for mechanical lymphatic drainage; the new SPM 3.0 model, a popular treatment for cellulite that works under the skin to activate the circulation in vessels; and the Vacustyler Avantgarde, a negative pressure device for the lower half of the body.


DeeFee Cosmetics returns to Professional Beauty & Hair this year with its Extreme Lip Plumper with Hyaluronic Acid. DeeFee Cosmetics was founded in 2023 by Deirdre Feehan and is based in Roscrea, Co Tipperary.Among the other products being showcased are Teddi Bear Blenders for flawless make-up and cream product application; Plushy Pads for make-up removal; and PHS Lip Glosses for shiny and volumised lips.


Made in Italy, Great Lengths was established over 30 years ago, and the professional 100% human and 100% ethical extensions are now available across the world in over 60 countries. The brand has a vast selection of over 90 shades, which have been expertly blended by hand, including base shades, fashion colours, balayage and root stretch.They are available in both Pre-Bonded and GL Tapes.


Repêchage Ireland will be at Professional Beauty & Hair launching the seaweed brand's new revolutionary facial in its pioneering unidose packaging, which has become synonymous with the Repêchage name. Over the two days, Repêchage therapists will be performing treatments and demonstrations on how to use its handheld devices. Exclusive offers will be available to visitors.


Stop by the Bioline Jatò stand to find out more about this brand.A pioneer in professional cosmetics for over 40 years, the company integrates constant scientific research into its products, aiming for optimal results.The Bioline Jatò System caters to diverse skin types, blending high-performance products, application protocols and exclusive massages to enhance effectiveness.


Visit the Ringana stand to learn about this company, which was founded in Austria in 1996. For over 25 years, Ringana has been using pure substances from nature to produce fresh skincare and food supplements, which are sustainable, and free of toxins and microplastics. Its skincare products are largely contained in recyclable glass bottles or organic plastic derived from sugar cane


Recently launched in Ireland, Only Curls has carved a niche for itself by focusing exclusively on the unique needs of curly hair. Salons in Ireland now have the opportunity to offer their curly-haired clientele a tailored experience with Only Curls' carefully crafted formulations.The brand's products contain quality ingredients that nourish and define curls, without weighing them down.


Visit the Rejuvenum stand to find out about this Irish haircare brand that is focused on using high-quality, natural ingredients, and the latest scientific insights. Among the products is the Amino-15 Hair Straightening System, which uses molecular cross-linking technology, combined with a blend of amino acids, ceramides and natural vitamins, to provide rejuvenated, straight hair for over six months


Visit the Evagarden stand to find out more about this Italian brand. Founded in Italy in 1979, Evagarden's cosmetics line includes foundations, compact and bronzing powders, concealers and more. Offering high-value products, its Incredible Mascara comes with a mini-brush and an internal reservoir, and its Ultra Lasting Lipstick incorporates both lipstick and moisturiser, promising excellent adherance


Visit the Matakki Scissors stand to learn about this brand that manufactures and supplies Japanese steel hand-crafted professional scissors that will elevate your cutting skills in the salon. Matakki prides itself on being a trustworthy company. Workmanship is at the core of the brand, with each pair of scissors going through approximately 120 various stages of manufacturing.


Visit the Studex Ireland stand to hear about how integrating ear piercing services into your salon will add another dimension to your offering. Studex Ireland recently opened an office in Dublin, which is servicing current Irish Studex customers.The team in Ireland is headed up by John Walsh, who will be at the show to explain how an ear piercing offering can boost sales and profits, and give you a competitive edge.


Stop by The Beauty Empire stand, where you can learn about this Irish-owned company that is dedicated to redefining the world of nails. It offers a diverse range of products, including its one-coat gel polish, which offers unparalleled convenience, high coverage and pigment in a single application. Company founder Lucy Madden will be available to showcase the comprehensive collection.


Come and meet the Strikepay team to find out how business owners can increase tips in their salon or spa. Strikepay invented a cashless solution for tipping during lockdown, and within three years it has grown to have a presence in over 30,000 locations in Ireland, the UK and beyond.The platform promises to make tipping fair and compliant, without the hassle and cost of using a card machine.


Visit the Hoja stand to learn more about the brand's range of CBD skincare products. Making its debut in the market, Hoja will be showcasing a line of skincare products that are formulated with organic hemp extracts.These include its Hoja Face and Body Oil, which promises to rejuvenate and nourish tight or dry skin.When used on the face or body , it controls oil production to moisturise, without clogging pores.


With a focus on helping small Irish businesses with their digital and card payment options, An Post Retailer Services offers flexible card payment solutions. By introducing it to your business, you can accept all card and digital payments at the counter or on the move, and the money is in your bank the next day.An Post Retailer Services says it offers on average 30% saving on current card payment fees.


Beautorium Training Academy will be at this year’s event showcasing its education offerings. Owner Joanne Quinn Geoghegan will be on hand to share information about its iTEC and AITaccredited courses. From beginner to advancedlevel training, there are courses available in aesthetics, complementary therapies and makeup artistry in the Waterford centre. Online courses are also an option.


Opatra will be at this year's event showcasing its range of non-invasive beauty devices, including its Dome Pro.An advanced skin detection system, it combines RGB visible light, UV and PL spectral imaging with artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive analysis of the health of the skin. In just 15 seconds, the machine can evaluate 11 critical skin factors, including spots, pores, moisture, texture and wrinkles.


Silhouette Dermalift will be showcasing its non-surgical face and body devices in live demonstrations at this year's show. The team will be on hand to explain how its equipment range can help you to achieve your business goals.The brand's Derafusion skincare range will also be available to trial at the show. Products in the line include Dermatone Cleanser, Toner and Tonic.


Stop by the Zen Hair stand to find out more about this professional hair extensions brand. Formulated with 100% virgin Remy hair, the premium strands are thick from the root to the tip to guarantee volume, body and bounce.They are available in a wide selection of glossy tones and popular lengths, and fitted with a variety of comfortable attachment systems, including nano, tape and clip-ins.


Conlemany by Organic Italian Hairdressing is a 100% plant-based and natural hair colouring solution, free of chemicals and artificial pigments. Offering an alternative to hair salons, the products are environmentally conscious and biodegradable, making them a responsible choice for businesses.With Conlemany, clients' hair can be transformed, without compromising the health and wellbeing of the planet.


The Astrameda team team will be on hand to showcase an expanded range of technologyfocused professional beauty products at this year’s event.Astrameda offers products under its private label Dermamay, using concentrates that are formulated to work in synergy with technologies such as microneedling, iontophoresis, ultrasound therapy and electroporation.


Visit the Seacret stand to learn about this skincare brand, which promises visible and tangible results. Harnessing the mineral composition of the Dead Sea, Seacret products contain a high concentration of these minerals, which moisturise, nourish and revitalise the skin. Their textures provide protection and a relaxing sensation that lasts all day, helping to fight the signs of ageing.


Come and meet Treatwell, headline sponsor of Professional Beauty & Hair 2024.Talk to the team to discover how the all-in-one solutions can empower you to do business and bookings well.These include the smart salon management software, which offers a digital diary, seamless appointment management, targeted marketing, insightful reporting, stock management and lots more.


Norden Cosmetics will be at the show with its plant-based and cruelty-free massage products. Designed for professional use in spas and beauty salons, the Latvian brand's products are made exclusively from natural plant origin and most of ingredients are organically grown. Norden Cosmetics uses the best natural ingredients and fragrance compositions in its range of offerings, which includes bath salts and massage peelings.


Visit the Bouclème stand to to find out about this naturally powerful haircare brand that promises to take curls seriously. Packed full of active plant extracts, it nourishes fragile hair from the inside out, with no sulphates, heavy silicones or mineral oils. Inspired by nature, the brand's perfumer blends essential oils to create complex, harmonious fragrances that stimulate the emotions and the senses.


Visit the Crystal Nails Ireland stand to chat to the team about the brand's high-quality nail products, and what makes the company a onestop solution for all your nail and beauty needs. Among its bestsellers are the BIAB and Rubber Base Gels, which promise long-lasting results. Complementing the product line, Crystal Nails Ireland offers expert courses and workshops, guiding aspiring and seasoned nail technicians.


Pinkfishes will be showcasing its one-stop shop solutions for all your lash needs.The eyelash specialist company offers a line of lashes in various lengths, thicknesses and colour. It also supplies over a thousand variations of lash trays. In Ireland, Pinkfishes products are exclusively available in Flair Hair & Beauty stores and online. Pinkfishes Training Academy will also be offering a range of courses this year.


Vist the Corioliss stand to learn more about this salon tools brand. It offers a range of innovative, ergonomic and stylish tools, which promise to allow professional stylists to create a wide range of hairstyles to meet client needs.Among the tools in the Corioliss line are straighteners with titanium plates, lightweight hairdryers with brushless DC motors and barbering tools with ceramic blades.


Founded in 2017, Polished Nails and Beauty specialises in nails and lashes. Based in Drogheda, Co Louth, it offers a premium selection of products, along with training and education. With a mission to provide a quality service that never compromises on safety, among its nail products are its Polished Dream Soak Off Nail Polish. Highly pigmented and smooth to apply, it can be used in a two-step or three-step system.


Visit the Million Dollar Facial stand to learn about this system, which is the result of combining clinically proven ingredients with bespoke treatment protocols. Launched in 2018, and consisting of 19 treatments and growing, Million Dollar Facial is a results-driven skincare brand. It aims to offer a complete business solution consisting of cosmeceutical grade products for all skin types.


Butterfly Hair & Beauty Service will be showcasing its soy candles, which are ecofriendly and handmade and come in a variety of colours and shapes, along with is wax melts and diffusers.The company also has a range of hair brushes on offer. Made with natural boar bristles, the vegan wooden brushes are suitable for curly, thick or thin hair, and for hair extensions. Gift bags will be available to visitors at the show.


Visit the Forever Young stand to hear more about the brand's functional dietary supplements. Collagen Boost is the hero product and is the result of rigorous development by the expert team. Described as a ‘daily dose of beauty’, this dermatologist-recommended collagen supplement is designed to meet the beauty needs of clients, with its combination of ingredients, proportions and effectiveness.


Image Impex offers a range of beauty products, with a particular focus on tweezers. Dedicated to precision and elevating the grooming experience, the tools are crafted using modern technology and artisanal expertise.According to the company, its tweezers go beyond basic functionality; they embody a commitment to excellence, ensuring that each pair meets the highest standards.


The Lash Company will be at this year's Professional Beauty & Hair showcasing its range of lashes and tools. As a supplier of luxury lash extensions, the team will be available over the two days to share information about the different products on offer, which include easy fan lash trays, lash tech essentials, tweezers, professional glue, volume lash trays, primer, bonder and lash shampoo.


Stop by the Beauty Tech Innovations stand to learn about this Irish-owned business. Founded by Britney Sugar, the business offers an extensive number of nail products based on lighting technology, which aim to allow nail techs to achieve better results in a timely and efficient manner.The team will be on hand at the show to share their expertise and explain how their innovative products can help your business.


Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Fairies uses the latest technology to whiten clients’ teeth, and also uses natural and cruelty-free products to give them the smile they desire. As well as teeth whitening, the company offers a range of other services, such as clip-on veneers, which are a popular alternative to cosmetic dentistry, as well as laser hair removal and a range of facial treatments


Stop by the Al Farasha Perfume stand to learn more about the brand, which works alongside perfume experts based in the UAE to provide its customers with an authentic twist on oriental fragrances. Using raw ingredients, it strives to create scents that are unique. Al Farasha Perfume will be offering discounts at this year's show. Among the products on special offer is the Extrait de Perfume.


Lush Lashes Dublin is a beauty salon, training academy and product supplier. As an up-andcoming Irish beauty brand, it currently specialises in all things lash extensions-related, with more lines to be added to the company's portfolio in the coming months.The Lush Lashes Dublin team will be showcasing its bestsellers, such as the 0.05 lash trays and lash adhesive, while it will also be launching a number of products.


Botanica International was established in 2005 to cater for the growing demand for natural products using nature’s healing energy.The company specialises in herbal creams, washes and sprays, which are all anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.All the products are made from natural ingredients, which are safe and gentle on all skin types and are free from harmful chemicals.


Visit the DB Nails & Beauty stand to find out about this Irish-owned company. Offering nail and beauty treatments, and nail education training courses, it also supplies its own professional nail products.Among the products being showcased are the rubber base coat and nude rubber base. DB Nails & Beauty will also be introducing a new professional builder base product, along with new gel polishes.


Kihco Hair Supplies will be be showcasing a range of products, including the Keratin Nanocure 16-week blow-dry treatment that strengthens and smooths the cuticle of the hair; and Keratin Nanocure Spraight, the spray-on collagen and keratin treatment. It is introducing ProAddiction, a permanent customisable straightening/ smoothing system, and CBD 3D, a new colour formulated with CDB oil.


Aleksa Hair & Beauty Academy strives to provide outstanding education with a personal approach in the heart of Dublin. Founded two years ago, it offers a range of courses, from waxing, nails and eyelash extensions, to permanent make-up and laser treatments.All courses are recognised all over Europe, and training is tailored to personal needs to maximise the outcome.


Stop by the Associated Irish Therapists (AIT) stand to learn more about the insurance company that specialises in the beauty and hair industry.AIT is looking forward to meeting new and existing members at the show, where the team will be on hand with show-only offers on membership and insurance policies for the year, and to provide quotations to those interested in joining AIT.


Totalcare will be at this year's event showcasing a number of its devices, including the Eclipsia+ 27.12 MHz Advanced Skin Treatment System, a technology for permanent hair removal and thermocoagulation treatments; and the M3 Skin Rejuvenation System, which promises affordable and versatile face and body treatments, and features no-needle mesotherapy and oxybrasion for exceptional results.


Join the Revlon Professional and American Crew stand at Professional Beauty & Hair to meet and network with the brands’ creative teams as they showcase the latest looks and unveil their newest product launches, including shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling and hair colour products, along with hair, body, shaving and styling products to meet the needs of male clients.


FX Makeup Academy will be at the show to share details about its range of iTEC-accredited courses. Founded by Emma Smith, who is a professional make-up artist, advanced beauty therapist and aesthetics practitioner, the school has two Dublin locations – in the city centre and in Blanchardstown. It teaches a wide variety of courses in make-up, beauty and advanced aesthetics.


Visit the REF stand to learn more about this Swedish haircare brand for professionals. Founded in 2004, REF uses a natural UV filter in all its products. Formulated with sunflower seed oil and an anti-fade polymer, this system provides natural, effective protection against UV rays to preserve the colour in hair.The products also contain a strengthening quinoa protein, which has a similar structure to keratin.


Founded by Donna O'Toole, Bohemian Beauty is an Irish company that specialises in tanning products.With 25 years of professional tanning experience and a mission to constantly innovate, the team has created products that don't stain bedsheets and clothes, and promise to leave skin looking flawlessly bronzed and scented.The line includes Daily Drench, Body Glaze and Boho Brush.


Visit the milk_shake stand to find out more about its range of professional haircare products. The milk_shake line contains milk proteins that are rich in amino acids that help to repair damage on the surface of the hair, leaving it silky and soft from the very first application.The vitamins and minerals within its fruit extracts nourish the hair and combat oxidative stress, promising to keep hair strong.


OTI Ireland director and educator Louise O’Loughlin will be at the show to share information about her oncology aesthetics courses, which are aimed at helping both hairdressers, and salon and spa professionals to provide a safe service and space to clients living with a cancer diagnosis.The training includes online options and is part-funded by Image Skillnet


The TanOrganic range includes self-tanning oils, lotions and mousses. Formulated with ingredients such as aloe vera, the collection also features the Kabuki brush, which is made with vegan bristles and promises flawless coverage; and Silk Oil, which is the brand's professional tanning line. TanOrganic has a number of product launches planned for 2024, and you can find out more about them at the show.


Stop by the Zena Cosmetics stand to learn more about the brand, which is distributed in Ireland by Progressive Beauty Alternatives. Founded in 2017, Zena Cosmetics is a Korean professional cosmetics line that strives to combine beauty with innovation to give non-invasive solutions. Products include Hyalnano Filling and Algae Peeling, along with professional skin serums for microneedling and mesotherapy.


Stop by the Cococera stand to find out more about this wax brand, which is dermatologically tested and does not require a patch test. Cococera is a professional product that is exclusively for beauty salons. Free from ‘colophony’, a resin with adhesive properties, it is formulated to stick to the hair and not the skin. A 10% discount on salon starter packs will be available at the show.


Stop by the MGC Derma stand to learn more about this skincare company that is based in Co Leitrim. Passionate about life-long skin health, the products feature aquiol, a natural compound that is proven to enhance skin health in a gentle way. MGC Derma's technology means aquiol has been extracted from the plant at 99% purity, giving clients all its benefits in a water-based solution.


Wink with Mink Lashes specialises in lash extensions and lash lifts.Whether you are an aspiring lash artist, or a seasoned lash artist, it has a range of products that promise to reduce treatment times. Founder Shona Mahon will be at the show to share information about the line, including the recently launched Speedy Lash system.There will also be exclusive discounts available.


Visit the Magpie stand to learn about this line of professional nail products.This includes the Magpie Gel Colours range, which is a threeweek wear, highly pigmented soak-off gel polish, designed to offer coverage without shrinkage or wrinkling. Magpie will also be showcasing its new Build It Gel at the show.All Magie products will have a VAT-free discount over the two days of the event.


Eden Beauty Group will be launching Casmara’s new retinol treatment and products at this year's show. It will also be demonstrating the Thermavein vein removal system; offering sampler treatments of the Rejuvalift RF Microneedling system; sharing information about its new exosome training, which it is running in conjunction with Creagh Aesthetics; and showcasing its BP Dermaceuticals brand.


Stop by the VTCT stand to find out more about what the awarding body has to offer. Specialising in the personal services and wellbeing sector, VTCT’s qualifications are delivered under three brands, one of them being iTEC, which is the examination board in Ireland.The team will be at the show to explain its various qualifications and answer any questions you may have about accreditation, apprenticeships and more.


Creagh Aesthetics supplies the Irish aesthetics market with a range of products, inluding exosomes, which address all major skin concerns and conditions. Promising to repair and rejuvenate the deepest layers of skin, exosomes also aim to promote collagen formation, improve skin pattern and increase elasticity, containing 23 amino acids and 10 vitamins. Creagh Aesthetics offers marketing support to clinics.


The GelBottle Ireland will be at the show with a range of its products, including BIAB, Gelpot and DesignEx Pro. It will also be showcasing its hema-free range. With over 500 colours available, and a commitment to innovation, all GelBottle products have been created by nail techs, for nail techs. The company also runs the TGB Academy, which offers interactive courses that are available in Dublin and Lisburn in Northern Ireland.


Visit the Top Style Salon Equipment stand to learn all about this Irish-owned salon furniture company, which provides salons with modern, high-quality offerings. Based in Dublin, where it has a showroom, Top Style’s range of products include nail desks, styling chairs, reception desks and mirrors. The team will be on hand at the show to answer all your questions, and give advice on what would best suit your salon.


Visit the Luxe Gel Professional stand to learn more about the company’s range of products, including its Structure Base coat range, which helps clients to easily grow thin and damaged nails; and Luxe Gel Gel Polishes, which have a dense consistency that promises great colour coverage. Luxe Gel products are vegan and cruelty-free, and do not contain prohibited substances.


Semineo will be back at this year’s Professional Beauty & Hair, showcasing a variety of nail products from brands such as Victoria Vynn, Claresa, Afinia, Palu Cosmetics, Pharm Foot, Aba Group and Indigo. From top coats and base coats, to building gels, colour gels and acrylic gels, Semineo is planning to bring a wide range of products to the show, along with an extensive line of nail accessories.


Founded by Kimberly Brophy, Naked Glow is an Irish tanning and skincare brand that combines skincare and self-tanning ingredients to create nourishing formulas for its range of products. Promising healthy, hydrated and glowing skin, Naked Glow is suitable for all skin types. As well as face and body products, there a number of tanning tools and accessories available, along with the newly launched Naked Glow Lip Therapy.


Cosmeditech will be back at this year's Professional Beauty & Hair to share information about the aesthetics technology supplier’s range of devices, including the Eneka Pro diode laser for hair removal, which has multiple power and wavelength options. The team will be at the show to explain how the devices work, and how investing in one can make your salon more profitable. 


Visit The Hair Doctor stand to learn more about this Irish business, which aims to be the ultimate solution for hair damaged by hard water. The company’s Universal Shower Filter, which was created by founder and hairstylist Keara Howards, uses 20 stages of filtration to remove harmful minerals that impact the hair, including dust, rust, chlorine, manganese, bacteria, impurities, iron, copper and other heavy metals.


Annutri will be showcasing it supplements and skincare products at this year’s event. These include its Grow It supplement, which is a blend of vitamins and minerals formulated to promote healthy hair growth. Made in Ireland, it’s vegan-friendly and doesn’t contain any fillers. The company will also be showcasing its Grow It Scalp Oil, which is a natural ayurveda formulation to promote healthy hair growth and scalp.

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