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1 What should my clients know about how mobile phones affect their skin?

If your clients are the kind of people that can’t stay away from their mobile phones, you may want to encourage them to consider if their phone use is affecting their skin, which is something we don’t often consider.

How often do your clients clean their phones – occasionally with their sleeve or never? Their mobile phone could be causing pesky skin blemishes. Ask them if they've ever noticed that they get spots or 'under the skin' pimples right where they put their phone to their ear. If they do, this could be because they don’t clean their phone often enough.

Studies have shown that the average phone can have more bacteria than a public toilet. Many people have never used an alcohol wipe or antibacterial fluid to clean their phone. Bacteria can grow and divide every 20 minutes, and one single bacterium can multiply into more than eight million cells in less than 24 hours. Therefore, clients may want to consider sanitising their phone.

It’s not only breakouts we have to worry about. Making long phone calls on a mobile can increase heat in the skin, causing melanocyte activity to rise in that area, which could later be a cause of pigmentation and an uneven skin tone.

So, if one little device can cause so many issues, what can you advise your clients to do to reduce the damage? 

1 Limit phone usage, especially long calls. 

2 Don’t sleep with their phone on or under their pillow because it is constantly radiating, which causes damage to the skin.

3 Invest in products to help block out high-energy visible (HEV) rays, otherwise known as blue light. There will be a shift in the market as the demand for products that block HEV rays will increase, making it easier to find a product to suit your clients.

4 Regularly use an alcohol wipe on the phone to reduce bacteria. They can also use headphones to help prevent bacteria transferring to their face.

Annalouise Kenny is the owner and founder of Skin Philosophy, which has training centres across Ireland and the UK.

2 How can I adapt my tanning services for diverse client needs?

To ensure that spray tanning services cater to the diverse needs of all clients, such as pregnant clients or those with reduced mobility, it's essential to offer a customised and comfortable experience.

Adapting for pregnant clients

• Safety comes first. Nowadays, most solutions are pregnancysafe, but do check your spray tanning products adhere to regulations and are safe to use on your clients before providing the service. I also recommend checking to see what trimester they are in; although products are stated as safe to use during pregnancy, it is advised that clients are past the first trimester.

• Accommodate comfort. It’s vital to be patient and flexible, allowing for breaks or adjustments as needed. Therefore, you will want to allow for extra time.

• Customisation is key. Pregnant clients may have different skin sensitivities or changes in pigmentation. Tailor the tanning solution to their specific needs.

Adapting for clients with reduced mobility

• Check your accessibility. If you’re tanning from a salon, ensure your tanning facility is wheelchair accessible, with ramps and wide doorways for easy entry. Have a sturdy, adjustable tanning bed or chair.

• Provide assistance. Be prepared to offer help with transfers or positioning clients comfortably in the tanning area. Train your staff to assist clients with reduced mobility safely and respectfully.

• Always check in. Do this throughout the treatment to make sure they are comfortable with what you are doing and the different positions in which you may have to move them. On occasion, I have had to manually apply sunless solutions and, in this instance, I have used tanning foams. There is a vast array of incredible products on the market at present.

Kimberley Nkosi is a professional spray tanner, skin-finishing expert, session manicurist and business mentor.

This article appears in the MARCH/APRIL 2024 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland

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This article appears in the MARCH/APRIL 2024 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland