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Earlier this year, a number of beauty trends reports predicted the looks that were set to be hot in 2024 – we asked some make-up artists about them

1 Cherry cola lips

Cherry cola lips topped Beauty Pie’s 2024 Beauty Trends Report. “This is a look that was big in the ’90s, when it was worn by celebrities such as Mary J Blige,” says Sarahmarie Howes, a make-up artist who owns Pretty & Pampered salon in Wicklow. “It is making a huge comeback – I've had a lot of requests for variations of it from clients who have seen it worn more recently by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. It can be worn day to night, and can be medium to bold in strength to suit your personal preference and skin tone. It is a look that is based on a strong lip line and a glossy finish.

“To achieve the perfect Cherry cola lip, line the lips with a medium to dark brown buttery soft liner, and blend that liner inwards to soften the inside of the line, while still keeping that sharp and defined outline. Then, apply a red tint to the centre of the lips, taking care to blend it with your liner and not cover it up. Finish by adding a clear or red gloss for the ultimate cherry cola pout.”

“Drawing inspiration from the deep, rich reds reminiscent of the iconic drink, creating this look involves layering deep red lip liners with vivid red lipsticks to add dimension and richness,” says Julio Sartori, creative director at The Salon at The Shelbourne in Dublin and winner of Make-up Artist of the Year at the Beauty, Hair & Spa Awards 2023. “The cherry cola lips look is very versatile – by applying a sheer layer during the day and intensifying it with gloss or deeper shades in the evening, it effortlessly transitions from daytime to evening glam.”

2 Espresso and toffee make-up

Both of these looks made the top 10 trends in Beauty Pie’s 2024 Beauty Trends Report. “They are born from the latte make-up trend of the ’90s, which make-up artist Kevin Aucoin created using matte, flesh-toned colour palettes for a sculpted and refined finish,” says Michelle Anderson, a make-up artist based in Co Sligo.

“The difference between the espresso make-up and toffee make-up trend is the undertones of the products being used – toffee is rustier with red and pink undertones for warmth, and espresso is its cooler, darker and grungier sister. Take a monochromatic approach to these trends, and really play around with light and shade to hone in on that sculpted, versatile look that can go from day to night.”

“Toffee make-up is the softer approach to espresso make-up,” agrees Dublin-based make-up artist Evelyn Byrne. “Toffee make-up consists of light bronze tones, with a flush of shimmer across the eyelids, and radiant cheeks. Espresso make-up is grungier. To create this look, start with a dark brown or black eye pencil and smudge it from the lid to the lower lash line. Pair this with a nude lip look for the ultimate espresso make-up finish.”

“Espresso make-up tends to be more dramatic, and is perfect for evening glam, while toffee make-up offers a subtle elegance that is suitable for daytime wear,” says Sartori. “Both looks are versatile and can be worn day or night, with minor adjustments. Celebrities such as Zendaya and Jennifer Lawrence have been spotted embracing these looks, each adding their own unique twist.”

3 Blushing beauties

Red, coral and bold blush all saw a huge rise in Google searches as we headed into 2024. “Healthy, glowing and sculpted skin is in and it is not going anywhere,” says Anderson. “I am a big fan of the flushed-cheeks look because of its instantly transformative effects. Blush will be glossy and balmy this summer, to coincide with hydrated skin that looks lightly flushed with colour. Cream blush is an excellent choice for this look – it can be easily blended using your fingers or a beauty blender.

“I have seen a lot of doll-like blush applied to the apples of the cheeks on the runway, but I personally like to apply it just above the apples to give a more lifted look. I also love a C-shaped application of blush, which is where I apply it up along the temples, blending it seamlessly into the highlighter to enhance the natural bone structure.”

“I can a rise in the popularity of red blush, which I love,” says Byrne. “It complements deeper skin tones perfectly, but it also works on fairer complexions as it looks like a natural pinch of colour. Always start with a cream blush and set with a powder to ensure longevity.”

“There has been a resurgence of bold blush shades, such as red and coral,” agrees Sartori. “This summer, expect to see lots of vibrant hues that bring a fresh, rosy flush to the cheeks. Make sure to blend the blush seamlessly for a naturally flushed appearance. This is a look that easily transitions from office chic to a sophisticated evening look by adjusting the intensity of application.”

“Blush has made a big comeback,” says Howes. “I've gone from begging clients to wear a tiny bit of blush, to having clients who want blush absolutely everywhere, from their cheeks and nose, to their chin and forehead – and the stronger, the better. I think a dewy blush look will be on trend this summer as we move away from the Barbie pink blush from 2023. We will see a rise in rusty brown and red tones, and for matte blush looks, coral will still be popular.”

4 Blue beauty

The Pinterest Predicts 2024 report identified ‘blue beauty’ as an emerging trend this year. “Aquamarine make-up is back and bolder than ever,” it stated. “Gen Z and millennials will search for ‘blue glam make-up’ and ‘pastel blue eyeshadow’ as they find ways to incorporate this ’60s staple into their modern beauty routines.”

“Blue beauty has indeed been making waves in the beauty scene,” says Sartori. “While the ’60s inspired this trend, it's evolved into a more modern, bold statement. It's very adaptable so it works for everyday wear and can then be intensified for a night out. Achieving this look involves experimenting with pastel blue eyeshadows or liners to create striking, yet wearable, looks that suit both casual and evening settings. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Billie Eilish have been seen rocking variations of blue eyeshadows or liners, showcasing this trend's versatility and allure.”

“Blue beauty is definitely on the rise – it's a look that's popular with the younger generation right now,” notes Howes. “Not only is it huge on social media, but more and more clients are requesting a pop of blue, from a simple blue liner in the water line to a full-on glam aquamarine cut crease. An easy way to wear this look in the daytime is to put a pop of aqua shimmer on the lid, and blend it into a champagne shimmer to soften the look. A dramatic black winged liner and a wispy corner can be added for the evening time. One of the best things about this shade is that it suits all skin tones.” 

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