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Client management

Your clients are the most important aspect of your business, which is why keeping an up-to-date database, and providing them with a smooth and enjoyable experience is key. The client journey begins when they contact your salon, and from this point, they will form an opinion about your business. “A digital system can store client contact details, marketing preferences, pre-payments and any loyalty points,” says Oliver Cahill, managing director at Premier Software. “Better yet, it lets clients update their personal and medical details. This record management helps staff cater to client preferences at a glance.”

“From a legal perspective, secure storage of consultation documents and allergy tests is vital for the safe running of your business,” says John Donnelly, managing director of Digital Salon, which provides Shortcuts salon software.

“Trying to do that without the aid of a software solution is difficult and extremely time-consuming. The information you store can also be used to boost your business via marketing campaigns, loyalty schemes and more.

“Salon software systems are not to be feared – most are designed to be used by people who don’t have any computer experience.”

Online booking system

An online booking system allows your clients to seamlessly schedule appointments any time, anywhere, freeing you up to deal with more urgent tasks. It also means they don’t need to call or wait at reception.

“As well as taking your team off the phone and allowing them to focus on in-salon tasks, appointments booked online are 49% less likely to result in a no-show,” says Avril Kealy, conversion & partnerships content strategist at Phorset Salon Software. “And with 30% of online bookings happening when your salon is closed, it is a no-brainer if you want your business to make more money.”

“I read recently that a quarter of people aged between 18 and 34 have never answered their phone!” says Donnelly. “Everything is done either online or by text. If a salon does not have an online booking option, they are undoubtedly missing out on business. Be sure too that the online booking option is easily accessible on your website and social media.”

“An online system also limits human error by automating appointments, and enhances your business by making it easier to track and manage your various bookings,” says Tania Bergua, community manager at Booksy.


Scheduling features such as calendars can accurately organise your latest client bookings on one screen, allowing you to access your most up-to-date timetable at any point, without any clashes. “It’s six times more expensive to win a new customer than it is to keep a current one,” says Melanie Wallace, marketing manager at Timely. “With a customisable calendar, you will find everything you need to keep your client happy, grow your income and manage your business from anywhere.”

“In a busy salon, accurate scheduling is vital to ensure the day runs smoothly,” says Kealy. “By investing in a system that offers real-time appointment booking across desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and blocks out spaces for ‘in progress’ bookings, such as those being made online, you can reduce stress for your team and ensure a top-notch client experience every time. You can also say goodbye to double bookings forever.”

Staff management

Salon software can help you track staff and business performance, enabling you to highlight areas you succeed in as well as areas you can improve.

“With recruitment being such a pressing issue in the salon industry right now, retaining good team members is absolutely essential,” says Kealy. “A salon management software can help with this. From monitoring staff-related reports, such as commission and client reviews, to setting specific staff goals that your team can track and manage themselves, using concrete data is a great way to help your team set and smash goals. By coaching your staff on the numbers that matter, and setting trackable goals within your system, you can create a more productive, happy and successful salon team.”


Having a POS solution makes your life as a business owner easier by keeping your salon running smoothly and providing clients with a great experience.

“An integrated POS system makes payments seamless,” says Rober Taracido Ruiz, Treatwell’s country manager for the UK and Ireland.

‘Salon software systems are not to be feared – most are designed to be used by people who don’t have any computer experience’

“A hair or beauty salon is no different to any other business – detailed KPI reporting is vital to recognising what areas of the business are in need of attention,” says Donnelly. “Some of the more basic systems on the market don’t include these key reporting features, so it’s very important that you research the different software platforms thoroughly before choosing the right one for you.”

Stock and inventory

Software can keep your incoming and outgoing stock levels, values and orders up to date. Stock reporting will also record how much profit you’re making and provide you with insights on bestsellers and products that don’t sell. “Most salons and clinics have a lot of money tied up in stock, so it makes sense to monitor that stock very closely to cut down on wastage and pilferage,” says Donnelly. “A software system will do this for you by telling you if you are overstocked and what your minimum levels are so you don’t run out.”

“Trying to keep tabs on stock and inventory in any salon can be a headache,” says Kealy. “From accurate reporting on professional versus retail stock, to barcode-scan integrated stock takes, software can streamline all areas of stock management.”

Marketing and social media

Salon software can help boost your social media presence by turning your profile views into new clients with the use of integrated booking, increasing your visibility online and enhancing SEO rankings.

“In such a digital-first landscape, having a strong online presence is vital for any business,” notes Kealy. “One of the best ways of doing this is by gathering client reviews. Sending automated review request messages from your salon software system, and publishing them, allows potential clients to find your business and encourages them to book. The more positive reviews you gather, the more trustworthy your brand, leading to increased SEO and better Google rankings.”

“Salon software marketing tools make it easier than ever for salon owners to put their businesses in the spotlight,”says Taracido Ruiz.

“You can take advantage of these tools to send automated SMS texts and create marketing campaigns, effectively driving growth in your business,” adds Bergua. 

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This article appears in the JULY/AUGUST 2024 Issue of Professional Beauty & HJ Ireland